Marisa Lambertini

Marisa Lambertini was born in Russi, in the heart of Romagna, and lives in Fano (Pesaro). One must admire the technical skill of Marisa Lambertini, which becomes more and more a stylistic autonomy: it is found not only in the overall plastic, but also in the coherence of the details, always precise and tight in its structure. What forms its unique charm is the transformation of the form into movement of the soul, a natural anti-classical and expression in a game that begins from nature , without a mediation manner. Typical is the eruption of liveliness in the physiognomy of the face and body postures. Her art is born from the sensitivity that captures expressive features . It is certainly a freedom, a primitive impulse that animates Marisa Lambertini and her creatures. Freedom in the sign of form, with a clear emphasis on the plasticity creative nature. Maybe it's denial, the antithesis of academicism and all measures statuesque of the sculpture in a formalism that denies every heartbeat to matter. Surrendering to the lure of classicism, the golden number, in search of a proportionality theory, taking a reference from Degas , who surprises the fleeting moment of the elevation and the dancers twirl , expressing the magical immediacy of art. Her models are girls of today with an attitude and expression of our every day, in the ease of our time. Smiling young girls, naked but never brazen, ever defiant, distant from each ambiguous pulse, from every sexual defilement. They go into the sun, the light, into life. The sculpture of Lambertini is never static; able to grasp with amazing psychological insight the fleeting moment of an attitude that will never again be repeated, but that fully characterizes the subject with the speed and fidelity of a "flash". The models reflect undoubtedly the impulse of her own youth in key, clearly autobiographical. The Pomonas reveal the profound pleasure of the author in shaping abnormal forms , the joy of sinking hands in the matter in order to obtain an expressiveness amazing figures , figures that become witnesses of a mocking reality. It seems that they want to communicate , participate in a state of euphoric mood , emphasize that beyond the veil of irony that envelops , lies an irrepressible life force , a hymn to life .

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