Anna Maria Curto

Anna Maria Curto was born in Lecce (Apulia) in 1936. She then moved to Rome where she was raised and once married moved to Naples where she now lives and works. She completed her art studies between the two cities of Rome and Milan and perfected her studies at the Art Institute of Brera (Milan), where she studied painting and where to date she participates in various group exhibitions. From a very young age it was very noticeable that she had an artistic streak and she had always worked and created with her hands. She took her first steps with ceramics, then to porcelain to finally proceed in painting. Anna Maria Curto is what one would call a “complete artist” , in fact, not only is she a art restorer of high regards, she is also specialized in faux marble, and faux wood , but in recent years she has completely devoted her work, with great success, in painting and sculpture. Anna Maria Curto’s recent works express her love for her adopted city with elegant compositions of various materials and branches of gorgonians. Her "Vesuvio’s" are a metaphor of energy, fire and vitality, an expression of great strength yet delicate with a touch of elegance all combined in one.

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