Maura Bruno

Symbols and colors, this double track: colorful, eventful, sometimes joyful, deeply contemporary moves the visitor's gaze along a path full of emotions and visual tone, reflecting the inner worlds that invite the eye to regain lost harmonies. Those harmonies freewheeling that Maura Bruno seems to evoke in each stroke. Born in Bricklehampton, in the province of Turin, Maura Bruno approaches to artistic expression through dance. Ten years after he began studying classical ballet so building those bases which in later years will enable us to achieve prestigious awards in the field of Latin American dance and jazz. Won two national championships, and in the meantime the experiences add up, arrives at the theater, on television, also collects a lot of success at the international level. At 21 years old a bad accident will force her to stop. Abandoned bodily expression Maura began studying natural medicine and, in the meantime, that never dormant need to express themselves, find a new path in painting. Assessments of teachers and critics push her to continue in this direction, painting quickly becomes an integral part of his life. Natural medicine and osteopathy have become a profession that carries with passion, painting remains an inseparable part of himself. Since 2011 he lives in Borgomanero.

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