Geraldina Garattoni

Geraldina Garattoni was born in S. Angelo in Lizzola , but moved in her early childhood to Urbino , where she still lives and works today. Her works are greatly appreciated from Asia to the West, from the United States, to Latin America, because her language is universal and international. They are placed in many private and public collections and are found in various museums in the USA, Japan , and Korea. In her works we can find a certain degree of continuity with the past and the illustrious tradition of the Renaissance , with a language that needs to be continued into the present and provides through the art of today the germs of the art of the future. The most recent work of the artist, after a parade of portraits that characterizes her productions, goes further out and draws from Raphael, as she from Urbino , a new life. From the art of printing to the art of drawing. Love for the beauty of Art Deco, sought to frieze in gold leaf . Discreetly hidden feelings , to the introspection of the elegant female figures. This being a summary in the road that leads us to the understanding of Geraldina Garattoni and her works , which was born from the desire to unravel little by little that deep timeless femininity that you can read on the still modern faces. Her women , dreamy , pensive , always introverted even when their gazes are turned towards the viewer, revealing the mind of the artist, who has chosen a reserved life, ascetic for modern times . The decorative element is always present in her works , even when accompanied by simple portraits, in the form of paneled works in acrylic, often with the addition of white gold leaf . Through the many layers , the wise glazes, creating endless passages from silver to dark gray to almost black , Garattoni greatly enables drawing , turning it into painting and its materials - graphite , paper - which she uses to infuse an aura of timeless beauty to the figures represented.

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