Fiammetta Giuliani

Fiammetta Giuliani is a daughter of art. Her mother was a portrait painter . All through her childhood into motherhood she secretly created a magma of strong feelings and unexpressed forms of her dreams, desires, and nightmares that helped shape what today is her art form. Her works immediately acquired a great force of inspiration that for too long where held in check: from the sealed and shielded embrace of a couple that seeks itself, to the momentum of a fragile female figure who has captured the moon and therefore her dreams. The expressive power of Fiammetta Giulianiís women are characterized by their known fragility, represented perfectly in her autobiographical sculpture resulting of a woman that springs from a block of matter and finishes carving herself. The flying embrace of five figures suspended in a dance has transformed into a tight embrace that holds great sculptural power of the sacredness of friendship and sharing, the last barrier to the void of existential loneliness. In this work Fiammetta Giuliani wanted to revisit the famous painting by Henri Matisse "La Danse". The ancestral desire to be between man and woman takes shape in the fear of getting lost, in the troubled embrace of the bodies, in the sensual brush of the feet. The constant search for a perfect match. The evocative world of Fiammetta Giulianiís sculptures still has many faces to reveal.

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