Monica Marioni

The careful and sensitive artist Monica Marioni creates visually to his feelings and to discover those values found through its sophisticated digital images. Thus was born the series "nymphs", mysterious women that stand out in imaginary scenarios. However, the artist is not in search of beauty and purity exterior but the values of an ideal world. The unreal spaces, original and pleasant environments inhabited by almost supernatural subjects, are imbued with mystical symbols, allusions and references universal secret to every age and culture. The Eastern world and the Western world, but also the past, the future and eternity seem to merge into each image. Monica Marioni creates complex images of quasi-divinity of other worlds using a technique developed and creating an ingenious world of eternal desire, dreams, silent and pure femininity, in which relives, in profoundly new way, the myth of the nymphs and one of the four elements present since prehistoric times and ancient.

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