Giovanni Calabrese

The artistic vocation of Giovanni Calabrese is evident from the very beginning of his studies. In fact, after middle school, having already demonstrated outstanding qualities of craftsmanship and creativity, he chooses to attend the Art School of Benevento where he was born in 1985. Life in the small town fits him tightly, and his innate curiosity leads him to interrupt his studies in Benevento and move and continue them in Rome, where he graduated at the Art School of Ripetta. His constant search of new creative ideas lead him to join the Faculty of Architecture in Rome, where he soon after graduated. However the life of the Academy does not prevent him to integrate his hunger for knowledge and discussion which leads him to take frequent trips abroad, but it is in Latin America that is able to live the true experience of work, life, and art. Among the countries where he stayed for longer or shorter periods, Brazil stands out because it was there where he was assigned by the Order of Architects of Rome, "CEO for artistic-cultural initiatives throughout the Brazilian territory." For this occasion he was able to meet the cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Brazil in Italy, whom immediately took in Giovanni Calabrese, as a collaborator, of the bustling programming of the Embassy, in which the historical site is set in Piazza Navona. Here he had the opportunity to express his personal capacity as a promoter of art, currating several influential exhibitions of internationally renowned artists as well as organizing a variety of artistic and cultural initiatives in the capital. His first successful artistic events was as the curator of the exhibition by the Brazilian Architect, Paulo Mendez da Rocha, who was awarded, among other things, the "pritzker 2006 award." However what stands out the most in his young career is his meeting with the well known Italian artist, Mario Ferrante who led his descent into the field of arts as an artist and as the co-founder of the art movement called ICONIC-alchemy. One of Giovanni Calabrese works will be soon visible in the art gallery of the first Apostolic Nunciature of Burkina Faso, built by SE Monsignor Vito Rallo. He will be exhibiting for his first one man show inside the Baptistery of San Giovanni and Reparata in Lucca on the 15th of September to the 15th of October 2013, on occasion of the International Festival "Puccini and his Lucca" which will precede his next exhibition at the National Monument of Bourbon Prison Avellino in December. These events will be the first breath of international premieres, as soon to precede are a series of exhibitions that will see him working between 2013-2014 in various cities in the United States and in Latin America. He also works for the international correspondence of the Arabic magazine of architecture and design "Compasses" based in Dubai. He is also a Professor of art history at the Accademia del Lusso Callegari-Institutes in Rome.

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