Heinrich Nicolaus

Heinrich Nicolaus was born in Munich in 1955 and attended the Academy of Fine arts in Kiel during the nineteen-seventies - a decade of intense critical analysis of the state of contemporary art. Though he became involved in the Neo-Expressionist movement, his cultural references point rather to strong Neo-Dadaist roots. Since he left Germany for Italy in 1981, his works have brought to bear a range of different but complimentary disciplines: over and above painting he uses sculpture, publishing, graphics and video so as to create those dynamic and mutating developments that have defined his artistic route. Nicolaus works at a multitude of levels, in a refined and thoughtful artistic quest that allows the viewer to immerse himself in what amounts to an eclectic and independent vision. In 1992 he oversaw Tinaia 9, a publishing project on Marcel Broodthaers and the production of a book entitled Madras, with Francesco Clemente. In 1996 he coordinated ICECOCU, a project for an international cultural foundation for the SsamYong Corporation in Seoul, South Korea. Since 1999 he has been involved in the Dormice project. In 2005 he took up his own work again with the cycle of works entitled The Princesses in Flight shown at Venice Design, and also founded MOMAP (Museum of Modern Art Panzano). Since 2006 he has been collaborating with Wolf Guenter Thiel on historical issues that lead to “ToM”, Theatre of More, based on Giulio Camillo’s “Teatro della Memoria” In 2010, he moved to Belgium, and founded “VAMP”, a project space in Peer, providence of Limburg, together with the interior designer Karin Daaijer, with whom he also collaborates on ToM. He has been a member of the Accademia degli Incolti in Rome since 1994. Nicolaus' work can be found in the following collections: Uffizi, Florence Albertina, Vienna Museum moderner Kunst, Linz Deutsche Bank Collection, Frankfurt and Singapore Chase Manhattan Collection, New York Leopold Hoesch Museum, Dueren Wuerth Museum, Kuenzelsau City of Munich Collection City of Kiel Collection FRAC Collection Burgundy and Strasbourg Toulouse Museum Palazzo Forti, Verona (with Dormice) Scottsdale Center for Contemporary Art, Arizona University of Graz Kunstkolletion Bouw Fonds, Hoevelaken Griesbach Collection, Graz Frieder Burda Collection, Baden Baden Amsler Collection, Aarau, Suisse, Greve in Chianti (open-air sculpture) and Civitella d’Agliano (open-air sculpture). He has been the subject of published work by: Sandro Candreva, Fabio Cavallucci, Viana Conti, Andrea B. del Guercio, Maria Luisa Frisa, Siegfried Gnichwitz, Wolfgang Hilger, Wolfgang Längsfeld, Karl Heinz Schmidt, Friedhelm Mennekes Norbert Messler Giandomenico Semeraro Martin Stather, Wolf- Günter Thiel, Elda Torres, Thomas Veit, Frank Günter,Zehnder, Alessandra Galletta, Gabrielle Perretta, Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Luca Marziani, Luca Beatrice, Victor Fleming. It is no accident that the titles of Nicolaus’ work from the late seventies allude to the theme of construction, in a quest for geometric or stereometric composition revealed with originality through his choice of techniques (mixed, oil, pencil) or of materials (board, paper, paperboard), with hints of Spatialism animating the montage with the slightest vibrations of light, the assembly – or the disassembly – of background o the disposition of rectilinear volume, preferably monochrome. Since the eighties we have been privy to an extraordinary virage that has led us to the next turn in the progress of this singular artist. It could not, moreover, be otherwise, since the universality of Nicolaus’ painting springs from the particularity of his German cultural roots. It is from his paintings that one understands what Nicolaus is made of and where his interests lie: painter, draughtsman, engraver, sculptor, designer – in so many directions it might seem hard to pin him down. But if you look and keep looking, time uncovers the truth and gets to the heart of the matter. Nicolaus attacks his artistic ideal from two opposing positions: figuration and abstraction. Each of the approaches has its own independent life and the two interact in a overwhelming spiral of colours and form. A surprise in every direction. 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